Thorium free Loxon mantle without frame, for models 12, Super Aladdin, A-C, 21 & 23. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. You WILL be sitting around a campfire if any flammables are around the chimney. By Author J.W. Brand New. Can't remember why it is on there. R150 Aladdin Lox-on OIL LAMP Mantle Fits model 12 thru present models and use Adapter N146A with models 3 thru 11 quantity. I'm also assuming that despite the fact that it can throw out light comparable to a 60W bulb, it probably wouldn't hurt to place something reflective behind it for maximum light. The link you provided is just the ticket. The Aladdin lamp is far superior to the standard hurricane lamp. 1 Carton of 4 individually packaged Mantles. An Aladdin "sugar-bowl" lamp? Related: aladdin r150 aladdin lamp aladdin mantle lox-on aladdin mantle lamp aladdin chimney aladdin lamp parts aladdin mantle r150 aladdin wick aladdin mantle 23 Refine more Format $25.95. … They say that it is equal to a 60W light bulb but it sure seems brighter when you are relying on it during a power outage. ALADDIN MANTLE LAMP COMPANY 681 International Blvd., Clarksville, Tn. The world famous line of Aladdin Mantle Oil Lamps, now available at Vermont Lanterns. 191 sold. £ 2.00. Aladdin Lamp Lox-On Chimney. company Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company, located in Clarksville, Tennessee. I do not worry about them being on the wall because they do not get nearly as hot as the Aladdins. Fantastic mantles for your Aladdin lamp. From United States +C $14.85 shipping. Can't imagine a cloth shade! Aladdin oil fonts are found as replacements in hanging lamps made and sold by other companies. I over fired it last night and the mantle got a couple of black spots just like the instructions said would happen. I should have cleaned them up before I took a picture of them. Highly engineered for the brightest non-electric light available. You WILL be sitting around a campfire if any flammables are around the chimney. £12.95 : 239946: Kone Kap adapter, for models 3-11. Aladdin lamps burn HOT. $28.94. 1 Carton of 2 individual mantles. You can see the red dye from the kerosene on one of them. Suggested to purchase in addition: Lamp fuel (kerosene or Aladdin lamp oil) – essential for operating your lamp; Mantles – these are very fragile and are essential for use, so it’s good to have a couple extra on hand; last about 3 months with regular, everyday use (should last … I've ordered several and I've never received any that were broken at all. Soft mantles : PMAX4/500. Show details. Quick View. Designed for use with Aladdin Lamp Model 12, A, B, C, 21, 21c, 23, 23A and MAXbrite Burners. I have regular kerosene lamps mounted on the walls in specific locations that act as night lights to "get around". Total price: $61.61. When burning them, I light my cigarettes by sticking them over the chimney. Also suitable for use with Models 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 when used with N146A Mantle Adapter. RARE Mantle Lamp Co. Of America LUMINEER Model A - Aladdin Lamp Burner. The flame spreader is missing from this lamp and from my burner so I do not know what it looks like or if it was the same between the two versions. 4 I would venture to say that if you put an Aladdin on the wall you will easily wind up scorching the ceiling, if not the walls too. B&P Lamp Aladdin … Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamps. I suspect that this lamp and burner is an earlier version of the Eugeos center draft and that my burner is the newer improved version of the burner. I may be S-L-O-W but I cant seem to find them anywhere. . They should all be glass. If anyone has a link or a source let me know please, Thanks. Aladdin Lamp Lox-on Mantles 12-Pack Carton Part # R150, Aladdin Lamp Lox-on Mantles 3-Pack Carton Part # R150, Chickasha Oklahoma Vintage Lamp Show & Sale, A Brief History of Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light, Fake Finish and Colors of Aladdin Glass Lamps, Subscribe to The Mystic Light of the Aladdin Knights Newsletter. The seller is "dustyshed" and is located in Orange, California. The light output is intense. Scruggs, really have to thank you for the informative thread. My dial up is so slow. 37040 USA Tel: 800-457-5267 Tel: 931-647-4949 FAX: 931-647-4517 See the complete line of Aladdin Lamps @ Very Brief History Colorful Short Lincoln Drape Aladdin lamps are available from the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company today. Add to cart. We have assembled a comprehensive product-line to serve collectors, users and enthusiasts with repair and restoration parts, accessories and consumables, at fair prices with prompt service., Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 4/500. N108. Hi all! We are the exclusive manufacturer of the Three-Face Pattern Glass Oil lamps. Thorium free Loxon mantle for Aladdin model 12, Super Aladdin, A-C, 21 & 23. $51.95. $21.95. Hundreds of lamp and shade combinations to choose from. (sold separately). £16.85. Just have to pick up one of the fancier ones for myself. They should all be glass. Since they burn so hot, I cant see how they have some that are hung on a wall! This … Using and enjoying Kerosene Mantle Lamps. . Thorium free, Genuine Petromax 500cp, superior sock style mantle . History books and price guides available for Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamps, as well as Aladdin Electric Lamps, and Angle Lamps. Well that is what proportion the Welsbach company originally used. 1 Carton of 4 individual mantles. I bought my first Aladdin lamp over the week-end and I have a couple of questions.

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