Characters from Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume and Valkyrie Anatomia have their own pages. Her ruthless nature, and zero tolerance of anyone, makes her seem a little evil. Richelle. Heavy Sword: Arngrim, no questions asked. He is also the … Magically, Lenneth is the only Valkyrie who can cast magic in battle, so it can be assumed she is the only sister to have learnt any magical arts. She was rescued by Alicia and her friends, and helped to defeat the evil sorcerer. Hrist is cold, and ruthless with the mind of a proud Aesir . She is one of the most prominent characters in Valkyrie Profile and has appeared in every game to date. Each Valkyrie is able to take souls of the dead and reincarnate them, making them Einherjar. The cast is large, diverse and very colorful, sharing histories in a war-torn, tragic landscape. Roussalier. Introduced in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Odin is the chief god in Norse mythology, presiding over the aspects of war, wisdom, and magic. Einherjar. A Valkyrie is a goddess of fate from the Valkyrie profile series. These enable flight and levitation. send you an email once approved. A Valkyrie in the service of Odin, who searches out souls of recently deceased brave humans to recruit as Einherjar for the battle of Ragnarok. Lucian. In Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, the same Lenneth appears again. The Aesir are exceptionally wary when dealing with him, for provoking him would invite certain disaster. Lucian misses Platina and sees the similarity between Platina and Lenneth. He is a secondary antagonist in the first game, and the final boss of the second game. Also known as the Iselia Queen. A quick rundown of the gods, the mortals, and the formerly mortal caught up in a war beyond their understanding in the Valkyrie Profile series. The middle of the three Valkyrie sisters, and the main character of the first Valkyrie Profile(later appropriately called Valkyrie Profile Lenneth). 1095 Lenneth (5★). The main character of Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. The main character of Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. However, at the end of the game, Hrist comes to accept humans, and even gives her life to save them. Freya is the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology. She sympathizes with her Einherjar, treating them with both authority and kindness, and prepares them for reincarnation as humans, rather than sending them to Valhalla. Valkyrie Profile Character FAQ ===== Written by: Chief Ug ( Version 1.1 (23.5.2001) - Some fixes, item updates, tip updates. Released in 2008 in Japan and 2009 worldwide, the game is the third entry in the Valkyrie Profile series, acting as a prequel to the original game. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume is a tactical role-playing game developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. Roienbourg. Commonly ends up being the Closing Mage, too. She wears one with a closed top), heavy upper armour, an off white battle skirt, and knee high boots. There are three Valkyries - Hrist, Lenneth and Silmeria - present in the world of the Valkyrie Profile series, but only one is allowed to exists at a time. Lieselotte. Odin and two supreme goddesses send out a woman named Lenneth Valkyrie, to collect the souls of deceased warriors and witches to help the Aesir of Valhallah to protect their land and every other land from the rebellious Vanir. 1096 Lenneth (6★). Behind her pure, sweet image lies a pampered princess with a heart of steel and a razor-sharp tongue. Odin discovered her whereabouts, however, and cast the Sovereign's Rite on her, reincarnating her. Inspired by Norse mythology, Valkyrie Profile follows the titular valkyrie, Lenneth, as she travels through Midgard, collecting the souls of slain heroes to serve either as einherjar or her personal companions for Ragnarok - the battle to decide the fate of all creation - and trains them by fighting monsters and performing additional quests. He and his sister are Vanir, an outside group of gods who warred with the Aesir before becoming assimilated within the Norse pantheon. From left to right: Silmeria, Lenneth and Hrist. Titles. He learned the secrets of the Norse runes by hanging himself from the branches of Yggdrasil, and is fated to die in the maw of the atrocious wolf, Fenrir. Black Magician Girl: Your starting mage.A decent and reliable one, too. Hrist wears dark purple armour, has waist length black hair and her battle skirt has a different design to her sisters. The true Valkyrie, who holds the power of multiple gods, and can literally change the fate of the world. She is loyal to Odin, but rejects him when she realizes he plans to subjugate Midgard. she wields a halberd, and uses it with a great level of skill. As the youngest of the three Valkyries, Silmeria is, characteristically, the most rebellious one, showing greater freedom of spirit than her two sisters. Valkyrie Profile Franchise. The music of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria composed by Motoi Sakuraba of Star Ocean. Why not make an account, and help us grow? Lenneth wears blue armour, has a wears her silver hair in a long plait, and once again has a different skirt design. A Valkyrie is a goddess of fate from the Valkyrie profile series. Set in a world based around Norse mythology, Covenant of the Plume follows Wylfred, a young … Silmeria spends her time in a crystal in Valkyrie Profile. The Einherjar are great warriors who have died valiantly in battle and have been chosen, by Odin, to fight for the Aesir in Ragnarok. Playable Characters Dialogue Mugshots. She offers no mercy to those who wish to commit acts of evil and is particularly merciless to those who disturb the dead. He is a secondary antagonist in the first game, and the final boss of the second game. She was captured, however, by Lezard Valeth, and used to help him absorb Odin's soul so he could become a god. See More from Fandom. She is the first Princess of Artolia. He’s very strong, his moves are easy to hit with and his PWS is a powerful multihitter. Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds ... Non-Playable Characters Dialogue Mugshots. =) Chapter 1: Llewelyn or Belenus. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other She is the result of the three Valkyrie sisters joining together with Alicia to defeat Lezard Valeth atop his tower. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A playable character in valkyrie profile covenant of the plume. The Norse god of fertility and brother of Freya. The obtainable characters include Lenneth, Freya, Arngrim, Lucian and Jelanda while the enemy units include Lezard Valeth and King Barbarossa. v1.1 Reevaluated some characters. Odin. The middle child, and the main character of the original game. Each soundtrack is divided into two discs tot… 1 Global Exclusive 2 Related Links Note: There are more characters on the Japanese server than what are listed here. No. Object reading is an ability unique to Silmeria. Valkyrie Profile and its remake Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth were composed by Motoi Sakuraba, with Original Soundtrack Version highlighting just a handful of the songs on the game soundtrack as being really enjoyable, with his use of rock music and harpsichord. For now, to view information on missing characters you can view the Japanese wiki with the aid of a translator such as Google Translate. The Valkyries appear as beautiful women wearing an open top helmet (except for Hrist. Rasheeka. Odin is the chief god in Norse mythology, presiding over the aspects of war, wisdom, and magic. Game » Arngrim, even though he’s the very first character you get, is among the best Valkyrie Profile characters. In Valkyrie Profile, she appears as an antagonist, whom Freya and Odin want to replace Lenneth with after she becomes disloyal. Queen of Winter Hrist is a playable character that can be obtained by offering the artifact Valkyrie Mules to Odin. However, she is still cold towards her enemies. She is defeated by Lenneth's Einherjar, Lezard and Brahms, and is not heard of again. From left to right: Silmeria, Lenneth and Hrist. consists of 5 releases. Hrist's unique ability has not yet been revealed however. It should be noted that the appearances of mythological figures such as the Norse gods are highly stylized and reimagined. She was reborn as a homunculi, and stopped the evil Loki. Lenneth was reborn as a human named Platina, who died and was reincarnated as the Battle Maiden Lenneth. Credit to Captain K's FAQ and various board members for steering me in the right direction when I first played Valkyrie Profile. She recruited many Einherjar for the battle of Ragnarok, but regained her human memories. It has two original soundtracks, Alicia and Silmeria. Lucian is a young warrior dressed in red armor, originally from Villnore Region. Featured Article. Final antagonist of Valkyrie Profile. Important character in the Valkyrie Profile franchise. He is half Vanir, half Aesir. Aelia is an adventurer who has the power to transform into a dragon. Giant Bomb users. Released Aug 29, 2000. Appearance Silmeria betrayed Odin when she found out he planned to steal the Dragon Orb and replace it with Brahms, Lord of the Undead's soul. See also: Hrist (Personality), Lenneth (Personality) and Silmeria (Personality). Category:Rogue. The childhood friend of Platina, the human vessel for Lenneth's soul. In Easy mode, I would probably pick Jayle, unless you're fighting a flying enemy. Although she has only appeared as a side character so far, she is pivotal to the story of the first Valkyrie profile. Valkyrie Profile is a game with a plotline that is highly dependent on its characters. She carries out any orders loyally, and every action is for the glory of the Aesir. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. PSP - Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! * Read the most helpful review Feel free to add. Valkyrie Profile. Hrist, the eldest of the three Valkyrie sisters. Some leftovers from the Japanese versions still exist. Version 1.0 (25.1.2001) - First release, finally. Each Valkyrie can sprout glowing wings. The infamous trickster of Norse mythology, Loki's keen tongue and gifted intellect make him a dangerous adversary. Title Screen. When not in service, however, they exist as humans in Midgard, unaware of their Valkyrie nature. Important character in the Valkyrie Profile franchise. An einherjar in valkyrie profile silmeria. If you love Valkyrie Profile, you are in the right place. She also appears in Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume , but in a lesser role than previous games. Lenneth strives to protect the human souls on Midgard. The Valkyries, when in service, are of the Aesir. Lenneth, while still loyal to Odin, has more compassion than Hrist, but isn't afraid to question Odin's motives. An optional boss in many of tri-Ace's games. Lord of the Undead in the Valkyrie Profile franchise. Welcome to the Valkyrie Profile Wiki! She prepared Alicia for the day Hrist would come, and tried to help Dipan war against the gods. Behind her pure, sweet image lies a pampered princess with a heart of steel and a razor-sharp tongue. Honest Game Trailers | … Each Valkyrie has a different personality. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Each Valkyrie uses their own type of weapon. The middle of the three Valkyrie sisters, and the main character of the first Valkyrie Profile (later appropriately called Valkyrie Profile Lenneth).A warrior-maiden tasked with finding and strengthening deceased warriors for the upcoming battle of Ragnarok, she takes the guise of a mortal girl named Platina to seek out worthy souls to join her. She is rescued in the game. Sword: Lucian, but only because of his ridiculously high rate of stealing treasure, orbs, and crystals from enemies. Each Valkyrie is an expert in their field, and can best most opponents. Alicia is the Princess of Dipan, a powerful island nation, and is the current Soul Jar of Silmeria Valkyrie as of the beginning of the second game. Please enjoy your stay! Lenneth has the unique ability: Spiritual Concentration that allows her to commune with heroes who are approaching death and to sense the activities of the undead. Characters from the series appear as obtainable units while some appear as enemy units. She is a songtress and an einherjar in Valkyrie profile Lenneth. Brahms is an enigmatic character. All Valkyries are highly able combatants, thus their alternative name Battle Maiden.

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