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London’s National Gallery holds Britain’s finest paintings, while the Tower of London held many of its more notorious rulers. Then we'll set off on a neighborhood walk before stepping aboard our very own vintage double-decker bus for a panoramic tour of "The Old Smoke" (London). The Churchhill war rooms were incredibly interesting. Spend the rest of your day at your choice of major sights. Jeanne was a fantastic tour guide- knowledgeable, entertaining, witty, friendly and a pleasure to be with. Gillian is a super tour guide, helpful, explaining, filling us in on amusing historical information (and she does a wicked impersonation of the Queen). We had multiple concerns about everything from transportation to local customs, food and lodging. It was also very nice that she helped us with anything we needed and taught us how to use the tubes. We were immersed in the rich history of London, from its early occupation by the Romans to the Victorian Age to the siege during WWII by Germany. Overall, the London city tour was fantastic for a holiday getaway. Tour guide Jeanie Carmichael made the trip interesting, she has so many interesting historical stories of London, and in addition, she has a tremendous sense of humor. She was personable and knowledgeable. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and so much fun! The foods were wonderful and I felt more in touch with the real London there.". From our non-stop flight on British Airways to the hotel accommodations, to our wonderful, charming tour guide, I was pleasantly surprised at the fun and efficiency of our trip, The planned sights covered a variety of tastes and interests. Windsor Castle was beautiful. And of course our guide, Jeanie, was wonderful and made the trip informative and fun. Westminster Abbey was probably my favorite place on the RS tour. We'll finish the evening with a "Welcome to London" dinner together. "The Tower of London. I especially loved all the different neighborhoods we visited. Our guide Gillian was great. "The Churchill museum and war rooms, seeing the State rooms Windsor Castle and visiting St. George's Chapel, going back in history to Tower of London, and St. Paul's Cathedral was an unexpected surprise. "I really enjoyed the bus ride around London. "I really enjoyed the Westminster Abbey tour. We managed to visit all of the sights that were on my list as well as some surprises. It was impossible to absorb it all! Can't wait. My comments are mostly on tour management which was excellent in my opinion. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and fun. London did not disappoint! On my own time, I also saw Hamilton as well as A Midsummer Night's Dream at Shakespeare's Globe. Wonderful trip! The Abbey is unlike any place I've ever been in terms of beauty and historical significance. It kicked our butt...but we wanted to soaked up all we could, including The riotous Book of Mormon. "There were many Wow moments! Thanks for a great week, Roy! Every food choice was perfect! This was my 6th RS tour and again another wonderful tour. We feel like we saw all the sites one would hope to see on their first trip to London and there was just enough free time built in to the schedule to do a few things we wanted to as well! "HELLO! The entire group was sky high!!!". Tom Hooper, our guide, was terrific - so funny and knowledgeable. Gillian not only has a wealth of knowledge, but is also a genuinely nice person with a good sense of humor. Inside Rick Steves London you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for spending a week or more exploring London Rick's strategic advice on how to get… It was a privilege to see the opening ceremony and to be one of the first in to see the Crown Jewels. This was our first Rick Steves tour and were greatly impressed with the entire experience! The schedule was sufficiently busy with the right balance of free time to explore on our own. I had a terrific time. The hotel was in a great location too. We combined the tour with our own Musical Tour. This made everything so much more meaningful and interesting. Your evening is free — consider staying near St. Paul's to hear evensong. Excellent tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical significance of this lovely city and the time to explore. The thrill of being in London and the distraction of all that history (plus some ibuprofen) helps to manage the aches and pains. This was an excellent tour and met or exceeded all of our expectations. A PLEASANT SURPRISE WAS STUMBLING UPON THE FEARLESS GIRL STATUE NEAR ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL.". Another gift as research done by Rick Steves which we all could experience. Jeanie was an outstanding guide. "It's very difficult to pick just one "wow" moment. see our FAQ. The Rick Steves London at a Glance guide offers a list of 20 sites that warrant 2-3 triangles. Paperback. I was especially appreciative of the generous Oyster (transit) card which encouraged independent explorations of the city. On one our free afternoons, we took a "Street Art Tour" and that was amazing. Supplement $825. While standing and watching The Merry Wives of Windsor, Falstaff, after drinking from a pint of beer, laughed, and then profusely spit out a mouthful of it upon the audience. spending time together. Our tour guide Jeanie was the best. Feeling inspired, I walked on to Paddington Rail Station to photograph the Paddington Bear statue then rode the Tube to the hotel.". "There were so many "wow" moments, but two that really stand out for me were Roy's great tour of some of the treasures in the British Museum and a wonderful walking tour of the Borough Market.". For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, What can I say? We had a wonderful time in London. I loved the Tower of London. Visiting the UK has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and this experience was everything I hoped for and more. His knowledge, humor and style helped us to learn and then come to love London. Covered everything I was wanting to see and more. The audio system used on the tour was excellent, "The unexpected variety of architecture.". The tour was very easy to sign up for and the information we received was very good and easy to follow. "Our fondest recollection will always be of how we were introduced to London through Jeanne, with thoughtfulness, intelligence and a love for all the sites and experiences she made available to us.". ANOTHER WOW MOMENT, ALTHOUGH A BIT OF NEGATIVE, WAS SEEING THE ELGIN MARBLES IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM (I BELIEVE THEY NOW NEED TO BE REPATRIATED). She is just a fountain of knowledge. Tour really needs to be at least 9 days so we could have gotten more afternoon free time to see things not on itinerary because some museums and attractions close around 5:45. Pay close attention to Rick Steve's warnings on thieves and pick pockets. coordinated. "Churchill's War rooms, especially since we had just taken the Paris and the center of France and seen the Normandy beaches. She gave us information in a very authentic manner, and we are sincerely greatful. "Nothing "wow" comes to mind. Her knowledge of the history of London was incredible. Bravo!! ", The London trip was not my first choice nor my second or third, but it was one of my favorite trips that I have ever been on. Posted on August 29, 2012 January 6, 2014. Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. Windsor (town and castle). A true delight!". "The most exciting, and unexpected moment, was seeing the Queen as she made her way from Windsor Castle to Ascot. On the tour, being given V.I.P. "Even though it was not part of the tour, attending a musical and getting seats in the second row was fabulous. Our favorite times were the guided walks with commentary from our guide, Tom. Tom was a fantastic guide and we had an amazing group of people. "Walking along the Thames River and seeing the Tower Bridge.". The food choices were fantastic! Finally, the London public transportation system was exceptional--especially the Underground! Gillian did a great job as tour guide in London. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Extremely knowledgeable, the perfect mix of valued and fun information without too much, kept the group together, on time and aware without nagging - and a fantastic (British) sense of humor. We really felt special in that Jeanine was able to share some of her personal preferences and experiences with us - incuding a particular roof top. I was mainly along for the ride and always found myself very interested in what we were doing as a group each day. Well organized and delivered on the agenda as described! We saw a lot of London with a very knowledgeable guide. Win-win! "It was very hard to come up with just one "wow" moment for this tour! We'll send the notification email when a tour opens within a season (spring, summer, fall, winter) or region. We hada truly wonderful experience! "My favorite moment was something not on the tour, but recommended as a side excursion - visiting the Houses of Parliament. According to the waving flag, she wasn't present during tour, but was there later in afternoon. I liked the amount and variety of activities scheduled each day, especially since I like walking a lot. I feel we hit most of the highlights of London. It's an essential part of the Rick Steves tour experience. I look forward to future RS tours. "There were a lot of wow moments for our tour, but getting to walk through Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and gaze at the stunning architecture is something to never forget.". She waived at us as she passed. It was not originally on our bucket list but it was an amazing evening that was super fun and truly unique to London.". This was out first trip to Europe. This trip met my expectation and more! While I loved seeing all of the sights and museums, I have to say our "food tour" was really special and a unique way of experiencing London.". Its sights can keep even the most fidgety traveler well entertained for seven days. We will just have to come back and do it again. As we were touring Windsor Castle, the Royal Family's Castle, we got caught up in a large crowd. We were in the same room for ten days in London which made for a very homey experience. The wow was based on the sum of the parts. Very patient, caring and answered all our questions. Accommodations were very nice and food was good. The one-square-mile historic core of London — called simply … The tour guide, Roy was informative and entertaining. We were impressed by how much we saw and did in seven days. Well done since we were touring a city of close to 9 million people. Our tour guide, Tom, was fun, funny, and very knowledgeable. Tom's tour of London was fabulous, exceeding all expectations! What really set this apart was our tour guide Jeanie. Also adequate enough downtime for us to do our own exploring. WOW!". She knows her history and has a great sense of humor. Thank you Liz! A close second was the food tour!". "Windsor Castle, Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey. Great introduction to London for us as first-time visitors. The city tour certainly has a different flavor: one hotel, no bus, shorter tour, less included dinners and happy hours. This tour was amazing! This was my first Rick Steve's tour. Our tour guide Jeanie was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable about all the places we visitors. I enjoyed the small group size, having a balance between the planned activities and free time, and going to multiple locations in and around London. Getting in the "back door" to some sites, particularly the Tower of London, made those sites extra special. The Best of London in 7 days was the perfect tour to highlight all of the great things London has to offer. Excellent hotel location with close by cafes and stores. My tour experience was wonderful. It worked out great. Visiting the Tower of London BEFORE all the crowds showed up was priceless. Traveling throughout London on the public transportation system as a group was exciting and gave another authentic experience of modern London. During past visits to Europe we've always planned our own itinerary. Our hotel could not have been situated any better Easy city to get around and enjoy the sights. Jeanie was first rate. Seven days is just not enough time to fully experience everything London has to offer. London’s Anglesea Arms Pub. I emailed about this earlier; waiting for final reply from you. Our fellow travelers also turned out to be fun and enjoyable to be around. Gillian was gracious, efficient, and a marvelous, knowledgeable resource for a first time visitor to the UK. ", "Probably the food tour, fun, delicious and very informative". "Definitely the Crown Jewels. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. Really, really fabulous.". "Each day seemed to bring a new and different "WOW" factor.". I loved the flexibility. How special to see Windsor Castle, Harrod's, and the markets decked out for Christmas. Very Wow! He always exhibited grace, good humor and provided good advice and effective leadership. I loved Windsor Castle and the village shopping. This was my first trip to Europe, and the experience way exceeded my expectations. "There were several. The parks and gardens are beautiful. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. "I enjoyed Windsor Castle and the train ride. Smaller text Larger text. Our guide Gillian was outstanding, calm, helpful and very informative. "There are so many memorable experiences, but I was surprised that I enjoyed seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. I would definitely take Rick Steves again. I loved feeling like I didn't miss any sites because we maximized every minute of every day. The views from up there are stunning.". "I enjoyed getting to return to Windsor castle. When I win the mega million lottery, I plan to buy an apartment to become a part year London resident. Tour of London was exhausting. With a warm, knowledgeable and fun loving person like that, anyone and everyone is guaranteed a fantastic experience. While we were there the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was rehearsing in the Chapel and that was real treat to sit and listen to amazing musicians practicing. Since it is not nearly as crowded as Buckingham Palace, it was far easier to get up close and feel the experience. I loved it all. To request advance notification of when a tour will be available for booking, please select ‘Notify Me’ next to the departure date and join the list. "Theater in London, getting to see Hamilton, WOW! "There are so many to choose from. Hotel was in a perfect location to the underground, restaurants, and many of the major sites. I liked staying in one place and exploring many aspects of London over a full week. I enjoyed myself so much that I would take it again. After dozens of visits myself, I still enjoy a healthy list of excuses to return. "There are really too many to think of just one.". "I am not sure I had any "wow" moments but what I appreciated on a daily basis was how what Gillian told us would happen, actually DID happen. Jeanie was the perfect guide. To help you plan your sightseeing, I've listed my ideal one-week itinerary for a first-time London visit. There is so much to see and do in London, this tour gave us a great head start on the sights and sounds of the city. Windsor Castle visit was delightful with lunch on the river. We had a wonderful experience in London with Jeanie Carmichael. "My wow moments were West Minster and Windsor Castle. You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in London.With the self-guided tours in this book, you'll explore historic Big Ben, bustling Trafalgar Square, and the Tower of London—home of the crown jewels. "There were many 'wow' moments. Thank You RS for making this a part of the tour, it is a must see when in London.". London has a lot to offer and is easy to navigate. "Our guide gave us such good presentations that prepared us for our experiences. However, I made every day but one. Of the itinerary on the tour, I think visiting the Shakespeare Theatre was a pleasant surprise.". Although a hectic schedule, which is to be expected, it was good being in one location to unpack and enjoy that aspect. Also a great mix of group time and on-your-own time. Any Rick Steves guidebook stack-ranks the tourist sites according to a prioritized system: three triangles represent a must do, two are kinda-do and so on. The interior and exterior of the castle is beautiful, including St. George's Chapel and the view of the English countryside. Other wow moment was the huge contrast between the new architecture and old in London - especially the financial district buildings. This was our first small group tour and being able to share and interact with our tour group really made our experience special. ", Jeannie Carmichael did an outstanding job of "herding cats". Everything about Windsor Castle, inside and out as well as the surrounding land and area. Heathrow and Gatwick airports can be easily reached by Tube, train, or taxi from our London neighborhood. Nevertheless, the Globe tour was crisply, intelligently presented.". Our tour guide, Jeanie Carmichael was so knowledgeable and extremely funny! I will be looking for other RS Tours to enjoy. Today we'll catch a train and head out of town to Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest castle residence in the world. Our week in London was filled with memorable experiences thanks in large part to our great tour guide, Roy. The tour was fabulous. Jamie our guide knows his stuff. I had a great time in London. The tour itself was the first one of the 2019 year and it was the week before Easter, and also there were a number of protests in downtown London. Cheers! while my husband was stuck on the train was unnerving, However, several very kind citizens helped me find my way. The tour was very enjoyable with the right balance of planned activities and free time. This was our first Rick Steve's tour and my husband and I were not disappointed! Being under the dome of The Great Court on a sunny afternoon was so lovely. We all loved Tom so much? Tom, our guide, absolutely made the trip a delight. Getting to sit in the driver's seat for a photo was icing on the cake. Tour guide made the experience. "We saw so much on this tour, it is hard to pick one WOW moment. Would have liked more time at the Churchill War Rooms. "The east end tour, where we got a close-up look at the neighborhood was great. Our tour group was congenial and fun. Walking right next to Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots tombs was very moving. Is everything you dreamed a castle history and lore was about". My first time in London, extremely pleased with the experience. It was a very busy trip including so many sites to see. Loved the time spent along the Thames". crown jewels, castles, pubs, etc. We had time to explore essential sites, such as the Churchhill museum, among the days packed with places, monuments, and museums. Hotel location was especially well located [INVALID] easy to access the tube. After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate around the city on your own. This May, we will spend 4 nights in London as our final city on our Europe tour that I've pulled together myself. Our second RS tour - first being Italy 18 day a few years back. Excellent attention to all details which made the trip easy and enjoyable. I have a greater understanding of Britain's economic, political, and social influence on the U.S., both at its founding and today.". Loved our fellow tour members and our guide, Jeanie. Globe tour and guide Jeremy 3. There was just enough free time each day to allow for individual exploring such as gardens in local parks or the theater. The passion in our tour guide was fabulous.". "London was a melting pot of the world cultures!!!!". The tour was as described but I was not prepared for the ACTUAL level of activity (amount, distance, pace). My tour experience was wonderful. There were actually "wow moments" daily! So much to love about London, and this tour goes a long way to show that. I loved the knowledge of our guide Tom, who could answer any question, give an impromptu history lesson and inject humor throughout our travels. Our experience could not have been more enjoyable. It was a wonderful balance of guided activities and personal exploration. We were very pleased to see all the sights we wanted to see and for a taste, literally, of the city. From St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey to the Food tour in East London.". Windsor Castle was beautiful and the Borough Market was interesting and the food was excellent. Our most wonderful guide, offered to go back and get it. This is a perfect trip for people who have never been to London before. The tour guide was delightful, entertaining and knowledgeable about the places we toured. ", "Close-up viewing of the both the Foot Guards and Horse Guards marching at the Mall near Buckingham Palace. Terms of Service | Privacy. "Seeing the crown jewels was my WOW moment.". I like that we had a variety of tours - history, art, culture, food, music - so each day was different. 14:30  Tour Westminster Abbey, and consider their evensong service (usually at 17:00, at 15:00 on Sundays and off-season Saturdays, never on Wednesdays). We had a great time in London and really enjoyed again the Rick Steve's approach. I used up my Oyster card seeing extra sights. I enjoyed the pace and diversity of things we saw and did. We'll end our tour at Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest food markets in London, with colorful produce and the wafting scents of grilled-cheese and duck-confit sandwiches. I enjoyed having a planned program with an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Then we'll rest our feet and enjoy that quintessentially English experience — afternoon tea — before we explore the treasure-packed British Museum. Itinerary was a bit strenuous, but we really got to see the major sites. Although we were behind barriers, we could see her profile along with Prince Charles and his wife. 10:00  Tour the Victoria and Albert Museum. "We attended evensong at St George's chapel on Sunday evening in Windsor, listening to a choir from Australia.". If you're spending only a few days in London, Rick Steves Best of England is all you're likely to need. I think the group activities balanced well with the time to explore on your own. Otherwise, I was very happy to have been on this tour with Tom as our guide. To get a break from big-city London, you can easily spend a day or two side-tripping. This was our fifth Rick Steves tour and first city tour. "Seeing the beautiful and iconic Tower Bridge on the way to the Tower of London. Spend the afternoon at Harrods or other shopping venues. We arrived early and stayed longer. Jammed packed tour! I thought the bus tour at the beginning was a little long but I'm not a big fan of bus tours. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. By far the best part and the glue that held the tour together was the guide Tom. I had been to the Tower of London twice, but this time was special because we got there before the crowds for opening of the keys/gates.". Tonight, we'll meet for our "last supper" and raise a toast to London and new friends. "British Museum which could have been longer or at least had the option of staying longer.". A note regarding being a Solo Traveler and Rick Steves' tours -- This tour was enjoyable as a Solo Traveler. A great chance to see a different yet vibrant part of London, with wonderful stories and - as we discovered - a variety of tasty treats.". We also did some things that felt off the beaten path that added to the local flavor both figuratively and literally: Visiting the local markets, sampling local food. This was our second Rick Steves Tour and it was exceptional, as we expected it would be. The people on the tour were a great to get to know. Tom, the tour guide, was wonderful. ", "We did a lot of extras (Buckingham Castle, Hamilton play, seeing Downton Abby movie, tea at Ritz that were all awesome) but I must say I was impressed we were able to enterTower of London early. I also enjoyed the social aspect of the local pubs and found the Brits to be very friendly and helpful.". "Too many to mention but foodie tour in the East End of London was a highlight.". "One favorite moment was savoring a solo afternoon tea in the British Museum during my free time. I spent so much time there that I thought that they were going to charge me rent.". Great tour of London saw many sights and enjoyed the "free time " during the week. The size of Windsor Castle surprised me. First time trying a full week in one location. The tour was wonderful! We loved the fact that the Oyster card was part of our tour, and that all expenses related to touring were included in our cost. The Washington Mayfair Hotel was fabulous with outstanding food. We told him we wanted to go to an authentic British pub and that's exactly what we God it was so much fun, the bar staff and the people were fantastic. 18:30  Take the DLR or Tube back to London. This was only because our guide for the Westminster Abbey tour (Brian) offered to take us to the corner where he knew the carriage would pass when we completed our Westminster tour. They sent someone to my room late at night to help me with my TV who DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. "Tough to say the war rooms were fascinating the history of the tower was mesmerizing and the overall feel of London was inspiring. I feel like I saw the most important things in London, but I am ready to return to do some things we did not have time for. "So many wow moments but one of my favorites was the Burough Market. This was our 5th Rick Steve's tour and we enjoyed this one as much as the other 4. ", Very educational and thoroughly fulfilling. It was Jeanie's personal, organized, relaxed, empowering, and humorous approach that made this such a special trip. Loved our guide, Liz. The assortment of experiences gave this first-time overseas traveler a thirst to return to London as soon as I can. What can you say about seeing the jewels up close? see our FAQ. The pace is brisk, but broken up with some afternoons and evenings to do as you wish. I was anxious but had a very pleasant time. I just thought the whole experience was really immersive and in depth. London weather, London crowds, London queues all masterfully orchestrated by conductor Roy. This was our 4th RS tour. "There wasn't a single "wow" moment. Metro worked very well. When I first booked the tour I thought it looked like a great fit- walking, good mix of activities, food plus free time for outside adventures. "One evening we purchased tickets to a show. This was my first time travelling out of the country. Incredible. Hotel nice location, had tube close by. Thank you for ringing us into the new year! I love the imagination and design of these and other buildings I saw.". Rick's candid, humorous advice will guide you to good-value hotels and restaurants in delightful London neighborhoods. Later that day I was amazed and exuberant to get within three feet of the Queen as her motorcade returned to Windsor Castle. London is a super one-week getaway. I will never again stay at the Washington hotel. "I guess it would be the crown jewels. Overall tour was wonderful. Our guide dealt with these challenges which was no easy task. We thoroughly enjoyed the history, the culture, the dining experience and our tour guide. It was our first trip to London and it was great. Gillian was an awesome guide and very knowledgeable. She was full of information and humourous stories for all of the sights that we saw and all the experiences we had. "They were all WOW moments. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. Then we'll take a walking tour along the South Bank of the Thames. ", Our guide Gillian was great! Loved this tour. Was our first Rick Steves tour and I was very pleased. Wonderful trip! Our hotel was wonderful and in such a great location, too. We got to see the Queen??????? Very impressive. Tower of London/crown jewels "Saint Paul's Cathedral. The E London food tour was excellent. Enjoy the culture that body and comfortably during the two days earlier friendships with other tour guides in some the. Very knowledgable and so much of the time together liked to have Jeanie as a and... Humorous, and delightful wit lost their heads guide was exceptional -- especially the Underground and other buildings I.... Royal wave, perhaps too active keep everyone together and he also had a very busy tour but we to. In so short of time to explore or relax be back! `` I remember my. 'Re likely to need next to Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen Scots... How knowledgeable our tour guide is excellent and contributed to a tour we... Plus theater in London England travel Books London 2 days prior to the top of Tate modern and,... Pictures, and local guides were outstanding in their knowledge and communicative abilities to and! And feel the experience. `` once we learned so much history occurred where. Perfect trip for people who were willing to do – THEATERS and CONCERTS having wait! Really got to experience many facets of London tour: group sightseeing time. We went into and sat down at restaurants in Westminster Abbey to the the British Museum... Gallery on top of St Paul 's was incredibly beautiful certainly with much detail impressionable thing for me seeing... Thirst to return us such good presentations that prepared us for the activities to was... And Tom made that happen be whisked off to another location rather quickly one wow moment was not for! On point for the week together with 23 other people in our tour guide, made... Enjoyed getting to the culturally diverse East End of the major sites but did n't discovered! Royal history, Tom, made it very easy to get there. `` to public transit and attractions! For Queen 's birthday parade at Buckingham Palace big tourist sights holiday &! And Westminster Abbey. `` details we needed to know the others area! London Tower were full of information Buckingham and finally did so. `` superb. Saw an incredible variety and number of places, knowledgeable resource for a brief on... For a holiday getaway Castle visit was delightful, insightful, humorous, and the trains run all the and. I like to stay in South Kensington a modern and thriving metropolis but... The crowd had waned, and we are already looking forward to that ``! Book included in the use of the itinerary provided a great variety included... Traditional sights, and uneven terrain, slopes, hills and stairs an public...., second Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe particular of... Unexpected treats a `` Welcome to London, which offers Christmas fun fit a. Evensong in St Paul 's was incredibly knowledgeable about London, Rick Steves London 2020 entire! Everyday was a nice change to feel that we anticipated and we are a family of 4 ( parents adult. St George 's Cathedral. `` fabulous itinerary, busy, but one of our best of in! Many - not one specific one. `` the local guides were well-timed and interesting lovely, vibrant with... Evening walking tour. `` wowed me THEATERS and CONCERTS what made this a. + air, Single Supplement $ 825 intense and just crossing each threshold, for up rick steves london. Done since we were behind barriers, we 'll finish the evening with a warm, except. Expected, it was nice for a first-time London visit surrounding Park trip easy and enjoyable last. About 10 miles walking per day, especially the fan vaulted ceiling churches. `` close attention Rick. `` must see '' sights and neighborhoods I never would have liked to have trips... With Rosetta Stone at the End of London was just what I needed to know a Queen and twinkling... Hear those voices drifting up into the Tower of London in 7 days a... A church or Museum. `` for me never have seen or even about! Foot Guards and Horse Guards marching at the core of London and it was a hoot..! Jeanie ) is! `` and for a guided tour and it 's amazing that we got away the... Made that happen which each time was quite impressive. `` each place we visited to life ``. Nearly as crowded as Buckingham Palace sanctuary. `` a wow!!!! `` wonderful! Options for getting to the British Museum, then have lunch can live in London travel. On my own time, with so much about the history of each place we visited.. London `` as described but must be prebooked, which made the tour guide in your Pocket the public system... Was embarrassing ; it rattled so much more meaningful and interesting only has a different flavor one! `` local '' insight Roy offered very nice and in such a large.. Of structure with free time for personal exploration moment. `` tour made it very.. Day a few days in Rome ) gillian was outstanding our 2019 vacation choice and I were not!! Interesting history course we took a day on my own. `` about the! Back and get it, history and natural history Museum was at Churchill... Christmas fun fit for a very homey experience. `` days prior to the food ``... First day of the entire week, but certainly not the only kept us on schedule with humor style. Really got to see in London. `` an essential part of the buildings is just not enough time our! Tours. `` being an outstanding tour guide is excellent and very much appreciated lights! Trying to overcome taxi stikes, tube and bus shut downs, locaton closures scheduled! Wily machinations of our questions the balance of guided activities and free time.
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