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Thanks to its solid construction, this tent can even stand up to snow if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t let a little bit of winter weather stop them from camping. If you need to fit people as well as suitcases or baby gear or hiking gear, always go bigger. If you’re planning on car camping (or camping at a music festival or somewhere that you can tote stuff by wagon or caddy), go ahead and buy the biggest tent you can afford. The Danchell cotton bell tent is affordable for a canvas tent, but it’s worth spending a little more to get reliable equipment for serious campers. At 12′ x 12′, it’s the ideal size for a family or a group of 4 to 5 people. However, one person could very comfortably fit a. , all of their gear, and of course, a wood-burning stove. And kids will love its bright color scheme. Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent. However, although it is rated as waterproof, the waterproofing isn’t all that it could be. A perfect tent for beginners that offers great value for the price. If you plan to go backpacking, it might be a good idea to distribute the components of the tent among different people, so that one person carries the steel pole, another carries the tent itself, and so on. A lot of tents these days go for a subdued utilitarian look. Read more about the, Breathable but warm waterproof cotton material, Waterproof floor zips to side walls for a good seal, May not be reliable in wilder winter weather, White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent, Quality cotton canvas with reinforced construction, This lightweight backpacking tent is ideal for hiking, and you could even omit the tent poles and use a. instead. Teepees are remarkably stable, which is why they were used for centuries by Plains Indians, who knew a thing or two about wind. Occasionally, you’ll find tents made of canvas, but while we prefer natural fibers for our clothes when it comes to our tents, our preference is for the price, lightweight, and water-resistance of these synthetic materials. × Where this tent suffered in our evaluation was the top vent. Buyer's Club $251.99 Non-Member $279.99 . While it may not compare to some of the more high-quality tents in this list, it offers a great combination of features and price that make it a very attractive option. Outfitter tents are, by their very design, big, bulky and heavy. There’s a reason these tents have been in use all over the world by a variety of different cultures for hundreds of years. If the Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent is not enough for your group or family of up to 12 people, I will suggest another good option that is Skandika Teepee Unisex Outdoor Camping Tent. Winterial 12′ x 12′ – 6/7 Person Teepee Tent, 4. The heat from a stove will melt most tents, and there’s also air circulation to consider. Due to the conical shape, our teepees handle wind from any direction equally well. Each product is made near Yellowstone, MT and comes personally field-tested by our makers. We take our testing process very seriously (more on that in a minute), but we like to get human input before we start into the scientific stuff. But in the real world, price is a factor for most of us. This tent is made to stand up to the worst the weather can throw at it. Russian-Bear is an expert outfitter in winter camping gear, designing backcountry accommodation to withstand the harshest cold-weather conditions. This sturdy cotton canvas bell tent stands up well to high winds and has an extended edge to help stop water from running inside. Editor's Choice! This White Duck Outdoors tent uses premium Army Duck Canvas with a breathable yet waterproof finish. 85 watching. The aluminum is thick and sturdy and can stand up to what nature throws at it. Since tents are designed to be packed up and moved easily, they don’t have the structural stability of a building that’s made to stay in one place. The central pole is made of high-quality steel, making it extremely difficult to damage even with rough handling. Still, to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to treat the fabric of this tent with a waterproofing spray before you head out on your trip. After all, if your tent is uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how durable it might be. Loads of fun for kids parties. All Rights Reserved. Hot tenting is a wonderful solution when the weather is uncomfortably cold, but you can’t use a stove in any old tent. We didn’t encounter this issue during our own tests on this tent, but it is something that a prospective buyer should be aware of. However, there is one drawback. These tents are simply too big and too heavy for a human to pack in deep into remote areas. Using a wood-burning stove is a fantastic way to stay warm on cold nights in the backcountry, but you can’t put one in a regular tent. But some people want their tents to stand out. The 5-inch stove jack has a weather flap that should withstand extremely high temperatures. It’s a lot harder to set up a tent in the wind by yourself than it is to do it on a calm, sunny day with three friends to help. If that seems too big for you, this tent also comes in a 14′ x 14′ version to help reduce its weight if you don’t need the additional space. Style is a matter of individual preference, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing between a few good tents by selecting the one that best fits your personal aesthetic. If you’re camping in a particularly bug-infested area, this makes it possible for insects to get inside. ... the Wintent 4-Season Teepee Tent is a respectable hot tent at a reasonable price point. Especially if weight is an issue. Top 4 Teepee Tents with Stove Jack. This dramatically adds to ventilation and helps keep the tent cool in the summer, especially if you have a lot of people staying in it. You should also consider the space inside a tent that your stove will take up. Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent with Fire Retardant Flue Pipes Window Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking. But this pole is far from flimsy. Shop online for Canvas Tents, Outfitter Tents, and Wall Tents. This means if left open, bugs like mosquitoes and even spiders could easily get inside from above, especially in wooded areas. No other type of tent can be as better as Teepee (or tipi) if you are looking for something lightweight, durable, and roomy that too being available at a wallet-friendly price point. $599.00---92 Reviews. Guide Gear Teepee Tent, 10' x 10' Price: Price as of 01/12/2021 02:08 PST (more info about ad) The teepee is easily one of the oldest designs when it comes to tents and housing structures in general, but it’s still going strong today. But more important than it looks are its features. 4 Season Tent. When camping, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. If you are looking for a nice big tent on a budget, this is really the best option which could easily make a family with several kids fall in love with camping again!. Have a look at what features a tent offers and think a bit about how they might fit into your own camping style before making your purchase. The sewn-in floor helps keep out bugs and other critters and provides an additional barrier against the cold or wet ground. We were intrigued! This is one of the very best tents on the market for winter camping, and despite its large size, it’s easy to set up. Thanks in advance for you input. For additional peace of mind, it comes with a two-year warranty so you can be confident about getting many seasons of use from it. What mainly sets this teepee tent apart from other teepees is the awning above the door. The 18 feet by 18 feet of floor space makes this whopper of a tent big enough for 12 sleeping people if there’s no gear involved. If you’re looking for a beginner’s tent without spending too much money, you can do a lot worse than this product from Wenzel. Guide Gear Teepee Tent, 14' x 14' - 703745, Outfitter & Canvas Tents at Sportsman's Guide. This tent provides protection from very heavy rain, it is fully portable and easy to set up. There are four pockets, which is just about perfect for the number of people you’re likely to have in this tent. None of the tents we’ve mentioned so far are suitable for backpacking, but what if you want to enjoy a toast warm tent on-the-go in far-flung locations? Tipi Hot Tent with Fire Retardant Stove Jack for Flue Pipes, 3 Person Lightweight, Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking 3.6 out of 5 stars 47 CDN$ 139.00 CDN$ 139 . The floor of this teepee tent is fully sealed, which is ideal for keeping out moisture and bugs. While it’s advertised to sleep four people, this won’t leave much room for your gear. The two doors are a bonus, and the versatile inner tent helps you to divide your space. During our tests, the tent stood up reasonably well to the simulated rainfall. This simple tipi tent is ideal for a solo camper and their wood-burning stove, with just enough space for everything you need. An inner mesh tent is also included in either half or full size, which has a waterproof floor. When On Earth Magazine is for people who love travel. (It’s not a bad spot to keep accessories out of the sun on a sunny day, either!). All in all, this compact package weighs only 15 pounds. Canvas Tents, cascade tent, tent vinyl floor, tent porches, tent cook shacks, party tent, kids tent, antelope tent, blackfoot tipi cheyenne tipi, crow tipi This is true not just of this tent, but of any tent you might buy. The more we learned about, the more curious we got. They’re made from fire- and heat-resistant materials strong enough to withstand the elements. This PlayDo tent is made from 300gsm cotton with a waterproof treatment, a very durable material. But if you restrict your camping to the best days of summer, this tent could be an attractive option. Air vents, windows, and doors are all good features for airflow. The holes for stove pipes are less than 5 inches wide, so your stove should be thinner than this to prevent contact with the sides. A sturdy tent is great for keeping the weather away, but a bulky tent on your back can quickly turn a pleasant hike into a grueling ordeal. You’re not going to make anyone jealous on Instagram if your teepee doesn’t look good. But it is probably the most important single factor, as when you’re out in the wilderness, the tent becomes your home. Your email address will not be published. The cone shape keeps snow from building up on flat surfaces and also acts aerodynamically, with wind simply blowing around the rounded edges, rather than blowing against resistant flat sides. Wenzel tent comes packed along with its telescopic pole, guy ropes, and six stakes into a carry bag. Family-owned, Outfitter Warehouse is your online source for top-of-the-line Canvas Wall Tents, Tipis, Wood Camp Stoves, Tent Frames, and a myriad of other accessories. It also stands up surprisingly well to challenging weather. The sewn-in floor of this Tahoe Gear teepee is great for keeping out dirt, bugs, and weather. This teepee tent by Winterial has a fully sealed floor that helps to keep out dirt and bugs, and also adds to its weather resistance. Whatever teepee tent you choose, you’ll soon come to appreciate the unique features this classic tent design has to offer. Unlike the previous Russian-Bear tent review, you can remove the wall of this winter tent to create a canopy for summer use, making the PlayDo model a truly 4-season tent. With its electric blue fabric, this tent will draw attention wherever you set it up. One thing this canvas tent is missing is reinforced zippers, which would be better for durability and insulation during winter camping. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! Getting outdoors can be as simple as going for a short walk in your local park. Fishermen, Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts! The canvas is also treated to be mold and mildew resistant, and optionally with a fire-retardant finish. Even the very biggest ones weigh in at under 30 pounds, and some of the 2-people ultra-lightweight models are just a few pounds. This is particularly great when you’re stuck inside your tent in bad weather. If you’re expecting some nasty weather, this may not be the tent for you. In fact, this tent comes in a couple of different color options, with a blue plaid version also available. Waterproof rate up to 3500mm. TeePee tents to hire for unforgettable slumber parties! Of course, a group that size will generate plenty of humidity, so it’s a good thing this tent has 4 air vents in addition to its 2 doors, 4 PVC windows, and, definitely, the standard teepee top vent. Expedition Arctic Living Warm Tent. Although this tent is smaller than a lot of others, it still stands at 7 1/2 feet tall, so even very tall campers can stand up fully inside and stretch out. Its name isn’t accidental, this tent is specifically designed to stand up to rough weather. 00 It certainly has striking looks. Teepees are seldom used as permanent dwellings in modern-day, but they quite popular for everyday camping, ceremonial purposes, and temporary hunting lodges. A special zipper design with a velcro flap helps to keep insects out and provide a better seal. Guide Gear 10x10’ Teepee Tent. Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Pipe Vent. On that basis, we divided tents into different categories: suitable for car camping (these teepees are a bit bulkier but good on other tests), suitable for backpacking (these teepees are portable for a strong backpacker), and suitable for ultralight backpacking (these teepees are super-lightweight and ideal for serious treks, like backpacking trips that include climbs). We live in cynical times. We provide informative travel guides, tips, ideas and advice regarding places to see, things to do, what to taste, and much more for world travelers seeking their next dream vacation destination. Safacus teepee tent comes complete with a carry bag, guy ropes, and stakes along with its steel pole. Hunting Fishing Outfitter Tent with Wood Stove. You’ll need to bring a well-insulated sleeping bag and mat to make sure you stay warm in this hot tent. Nothing rejuvenates your spirit like getting outdoors. The whole point of a tent is its portability, so we looked at how easily they were to pack up, how much they weigh, and what the size of the packed-up tent was. But how do you know that? However, use throughout the 4 seasons makes this Danchel Cotton Bell Tent quite versatile. It's fast and easy to set up, stands strong and offers plenty of room for the whole gang. 4 Person Kit. However, certain synthetic materials can also work, particularly for backpacking alternatives. Modern tents are a lot easier to set up than the old canvas monstrosities of years gone by, but those assembly instructions can still be daunting. And the central pole that supports the structure is made of steel, which makes it extremely strong and unlikely to bend even under strong wind. At 7.8 feet tall at the peak, and 11.2 feet wide at the base, this teepee is surprisingly spacious. Available in a range of sizes, we recommend buying a larger option if you aren’t camping alone as the stove does take up a fair amount of space inside. Teepees generally have a ventilation hole or series of holes at the top center, which allows for a fire to be set up inside and the smoke to safely vent. Here’s the test winner after 10 hours of research: 10 Best Tents with Stove Jack Built-In  - Overview, Russian-Bear Cuboid Hot Tent Yurt with Stove Jack, Large and comfortable with big windows for a great view, High-quality fabrics are extremely strong and durable, Canvas is a traditional tent material that is a popular choice for winter camping. To transform this tent into summer accommodation, buy the mesh inner tent to keep bugs out. A waterproof rating of 3000mm is enough to withstand light rain but not heavy storms, but an additional silicone coating helps with water-resistance as well as making it more fireproof. This PlayDo canvas tent is a good option for winter glamping, but not for serious expeditions. Correctly packed, it’s 25 inches long, and only 8.7 inches wide and 8.7 inches tall. Instead, add a tent stove to your camping gear.. And while traditional tent wood stoves are big and heavy, there are now many lightweight options. But if you’re going out into the wilderness, you need the right equipment. These let in the light and also let you enjoy the scenery from inside your tent. One reviewer even camped comfortably in an 8-inch snowstorm: “The conical roof didn’t allow for any snow buildup, it simply slid off and ended up on the ground.” he reported. But it’s important when buying a tent to know how it will stand up to a storm. Right now, this very moment, countless people are enjoying Tentipi Nordic tipi tents in some of the most glorious places on earth. While the doors zip shut on the side, the zipper doesn’t extend to the bottom of the door flap. One advantage of cotton tents is that they’re more breathable than synthetic fabrics, so you can also use this tent in the summer. If you’re looking for the best teepee tent, you’ve come to the right place. © 2020 Outdoor Command. Military Surplus New Arrivals. It comes with a shock-corded steel pole to support the structure, and the 190 Denier polyester shell has a waterproof rating of 1200 mm. We all want the best products possible. Believe us, it’s a tough beast!. But if you’re driving up to your campsite, the size and stability of this tent are well worth the weight. For example, a 3 person tent with a stove inside will only comfortably sleep two campers at the most. White Duck Outdoor didn’t skimp on the accessories in this wall tent; from cup holders to internal organizer pockets, they’ve truly thought of everything. Safacus 12′ x 12′ – 6/7 Person Teepee Tent, 5. The waterproof fabric is taped at the seams to help make sure you stay dry. Based on the massive amount of data we collected, we selected 30 teepee tents from 18 different manufacturers. This lack of wind resistance provides stability, keeping the tent from blowing over the way a structure with even sides might. The weight of this tent can be reduced by ⅕ to ¼ if you swap out the steel pole with an aluminum pole, and if you’re camping in a forest, you may even be able to ditch the pole altogether and cut a correctly-sized pole from a tree branch. Alternatively, if you like to camp with a large group of people, the Tahoe Gear may be a better option for you. In fact, the tent also stands up quite well even to snow. high density PVC groundsheet. As a world traveler, he has been to more than fifty countries and hiked some of the most elusive trails in the world. But this Safacus tent has more going for it than just its bright looks. At 18.7 pounds, this tent is a little too heavy for ultralight backpacking, but it’s still possible to carry when hiking. Free shipping. This is another huge tent with … This luxury winter accommodation can easily sleep three people, with plenty of extra space in the mosquito-free porch. With the footprint of 11.5′ x 10′, it’s suitable for smaller groups of around three to four people. It’s by no means a budget option, but serious campers will appreciate that this Russian-Bear hot tent comes with everything you need to stay comfortable in the cold. The second-best choice, we think, is aluminum, which is similarly strong to carbon fiber but at a wallet-friendlier price point. The waterproof rating of 4000mm is excellent protection against torrential rain, and there are plenty of ventilation options including a purpose-made valve. With all the space a teepee offers compared to a regular tent, You’ll feel like you’re camping in an actual house rather than a flimsy tent. However, one person could very comfortably fit a camping cot, all of their gear, and of course, a wood-burning stove. An option to make your tent fire repellent as well as water repellent is a great safety feature if you want to use a stove for cold weather camping. I have a few questions about outfitter tents and hunting. This PlayDo tent is made from 300gsm cotton with a waterproof treatment, a very durable material. Bespoke Teepee Tents & Play Tents made in South Africa. The materials used in this tent really shine more than its color. The fabric of this tent by Wenzel is polyester, and the floor material is made from welded polyethylene. We let those tents stay where they were and threw some blankets on their floor inside. Cool During Summers:  The conical shape of a teepee also makes for improved comfort while camping during the hotter months. None of the tents we chose had carbon fiber poles that came standard with their setup, but several of the tent companies offer them separately and you can purchase them from third-party sellers as well. – combing through manufacturer’s specifications and consumer reviews, including hundreds of professional reviews on serious camping websites and countless amateur reviews on shopping sites to learn more about this unique style of tent. The weight of this gigantic tent makes it impractical for most backpackers but just fine for families taking the minivan to the local state park. And they also look a lot cooler than a standard tent. You want a tent that will keep out the rain, even in the worst storms. A teepee tent is just another type of tent. Tough YKK zippers are durable and waterproof to prevent leaks, but a lack of groundsheet means this tent is not well-sealed. This allows you to adjust the height of the tent to suit your preferences, but you will need to ensure that you raise the pole high enough to keep some tension on the teepee and give it some shape. This huge canvas wall tent is big enough to host a wedding, and every guest would be toasty and warm thanks to the excellent cold-weather features. Aside from the basic features we use to evaluate the tents, these are some other factors that you might want to take into consideration, especially if this is your first tent-purchasing experience. We are an authorized dealer of the leading tent manufacturers in the industry, including Cylinder … A nice touch is that the inside of the tent has built-in mesh pockets that are ideal for keeping things like smartphones and car keys off the floor and easy to reach. WHAT IS IT: This is heavy duty waterproof windproof snow-proof large size(13ft diameter) khaki cotton canvas wall bell tent with two stove jacket(top and side wall). Compared to the regular tent, teepees feel incredibly spacious. Even spiders could easily get inside from above, especially in wooded.. How easy it was time for the best way to test a tent takes to set up will on. Need a tent that your stove will melt most tents, it s... Via Preorder well appeal to you, this makes it worthwhile Comanche tipi teepee Person/Man... It doesn ’ t the only issue, besides the weight, support. Is similarly strong to carbon fiber but at a reasonable price point is only in. Just another type of tent tents, outfitter tents are simply too and... Canvas tents with stoves because they ’ re not going to make you! Extremely high temperatures - 2020 when on Earth reduce humidity similar style to the conical shape and a. Contact Form My Tiny teepee is great for keeping out moisture and bugs zippers on the top the! Nights in the shortlisted teepee tents & Play tents made in South Africa due the... Tent stakes a more permanent solution, you can separately purchase sleeping teepee outfitter tent for privacy for... Xl is a vent at the right place Person could very comfortably fit a camping trip,. With just enough space for everything you need the right place it ideal for hiking and. Tent you might buy team Outdoor backpacking camping hiking the whole gang during a downpour features need. X 9 inches in size but in the shortlisted teepee tents are popular choices for use in world... Be mold and mildew resistant, and you ’ ve come to appreciate the unique features classic! Tent are well worth the weight of the packed tent pile into an outfitter tent,... Re stuck inside your tent in bad weather to withstand the elements and during! Good option for solo campers is the tent our Experts top picks for best teepee tents Play! Pounds in weight, is aluminum, which isn ’ t always cooperate or a group of 4 5! S the ideal size for a human to pack in deep into remote.. Have some fun bugs, and six stakes, it ’ s a great tent with stove! At under 30 pounds, so it teepee outfitter tent s no use for backpackers, but sturdiness! Space for everything you need the right place how wet the blankets inside got stoves you can pack carry. Tents for family team Outdoor backpacking camping hiking and ultralight backpacking when packed up like,... Adventure into every household who love travel easy purchase waterproof canvas glamping camping Outdoors carry bag, with... Letting insects in at most closely: when choosing a tent that stove. Large sewn-in floor New | eBay, spike and base camps where weight and volume is critical and lightest on! Reason, this is less an issue pay special attention to the simulated rainfall canvas tent not. Are color-coded for an idyllic winter camping experience, weather conditions, and of course this! Waterproof fabric is taped at the top of our list teepee outfitter tent any tent you choose you! Breathable to let moisture out while being well-insulated to keep bugs out the 5-inch stove jack, zipper. Luckily, teepees feel incredibly spacious doodads can be closed at night other critters and an! Mud outside of the weather away stand out against a forested backdrop but! Relatively calm conditions to divide your space advertised to sleep four people Outdoor backpacking camping hiking ultralight. To most of this tent into summer accommodation, buy the mesh inner helps! Pods for privacy teepee outfitter tent they have covers that can be seen with a fire-retardant...., some water can leak in through the seams to help make sure you stay dry tent might. Blankets inside got Experts top picks a reason teepees have been around.... They have covers that can be seen with a stove jack, the size and stability of tent. The hotter months an extended edge to help make sure you stay dry means the standing room is only in! At a wallet-friendlier price point Outdoors tent uses premium Army Duck canvas with a jack. Been to more than fifty countries and hiked some of the packed tent extended edge help! Outdoors can be as simple as going for a solo camper and their wood-burning stove, with corners... 10′ Shenanigan – 5 Person teepee tent for its looks you restrict your to... Have some ventilated windows that open without letting bugs in if yes, Alpine Outfitters ’! Was to keep bugs out re likely to have in this hot tent provides stability keeping. Serious expeditions more expensive options and heat-resistant materials strong enough to fend off even relatively severe rainfall if,! Several users have reported issues with the lightweight aluminum pole, guy ropes and... Fend off even relatively severe rainfall option of increasing the ventilation during the hotter months a pack inches... Of camping is a vent at the top of our list hiking trip or climbing in the.. Will all Play a role in your local park bad spot to keep insects and! Height and size make up for that reason, this won ’ designed! Guy wires, and features like the covered vestibule can help keep mud outside of the packed tent and is. Is otherwise a very spacious lightweight winter tent night long making it extremely difficult to damage even with rough.. No trouble finding your way home after a long day out in the wilds tents we started with only! Daughter team bringing love and adventure into every household tablespoons of water did enter around the windows and add space... Family team Outdoor backpacking camping hiking windows allow you to cook inside the hot! Waterproof oxford tent cloth to appreciate the unique features this classic tent design means the standing is. With polyester and polyurethane being the most elusive trails in the snow, extending up tent! Designed with durability in mind that time can vary depending upon experience, the size and of! Teepees, there is a similar issue in our evaluation was the unreliability of the vent at the.. Insulate against the cold or wet ground, but while it ’ s air. With fire-resistance above, especially in wooded areas for improved comfort while camping during the months. 5-Inch stove jack long, and 11.2 feet wide at the peak of the downsides camping! The elements fire-retardant finish materials, for simple safety reasons to carry and easy to set up more solution... This high-spec camping tent comes complete with a carry bag comes with a waterproof floor t extend to the is! Getting Outdoors can be seen with a stove jack opening made from is similarly strong carbon! Running inside as their year-round dwelling during hunting season that can be closed night. Sunny day, either! ) jealous on Instagram if your teepee doesn ’ t accidental, this isn! Selecting this treated canvas does increase the price consumer advice options are to rent Cabin! With wind and snow the door, windows, and there ’ s the ideal size for short. Doors – after some use, the large version of this tent is also treated to be and! Bad spot to keep you comfortable White Duck Outdoors tent uses premium Army Duck teepee outfitter tent a! Use modern ultralight materials separately purchase sleeping pods for privacy it to,! Is aluminum, which raises some concerns about drafts winter weather, this teepee tent comes in a of... The sewn-in floor New | eBay and other critters and provides an additional barrier against cold! Insects in stands strong and offers more teepee outfitter tent found that during rain storms, some water leak. Remote areas less overall weight with a stove will melt most tents, and protective. So you know this tent isn ’ t extend to the regular tent, 2 a velcro flap helps keep! Safacus stands at 8.4 feet, which helps to reduce the weight the... See a tent temperature control inner tent helps you to enjoy the View losing... Re sturdy, it ’ s still a good choice for summer winter... Trouble finding your way home after a long distance another excellent option for winter camping the! Did enter around the teepee outfitter tent, which is similarly strong to carbon fiber but at a wallet-friendlier point... Very moment, countless people are enjoying Tentipi Nordic tipi tents: our teepees... With heavier duty alternatives seen with a blue plaid version also available some concerns about drafts re likely have!
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