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Regarding ethics values, when conflicting opinions happen, one must aware that because every culture has its own moral standards which mostly based on religious precepts, something might be right in this culture but wrong in other cultures. Self reflection quotes will make you think further and improve your life. Cultural reflection: Critically reflect on how one’s own culture, life experiences and world view as well as dominant cultural paradigms, influence perceptions of and interactions with Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Mrs. Castro, who is originally from Guatemala, explained that she had given the following instructions: "Les he pedido a los patojos que se pongan las chumpas." It’s to look into oneself for weakness, fears, strengths, biases, goals and motivation etc. Literature and poetry has much to teach us about how humans have suffered and sometimes triumphed over the most pressing of problems. Sharing a meal is another opportunity to learn about the family's history and culture by way of observation and genuine conversation. This is an important first step toward gaining the understanding you need to reach out to Latino parents and encourage their participation in their children's education. Before exploring cultural dynamics and group differences, it is important to examine your unique worldview, which includes assumptions and perceptions. Because SES is a component of diversity that suggests levels of opportunities and choices in a child's social and academic life. One society must be able to be self sufficient in order to continue existing while the culture exists beyond the term of sufficiency. Celebrations further highlight distinctiveness among Latino cultures. Any aspect of culture relates, in some way, to other parts of that culture, affirming the integrity of culture does not mean that any culture is perfectly or completely integrated. The two very interesting works of literature, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World and The Hell of Mirrors, I chose because one offers an actual scenario driven by fear and the latter can be interpreted as a result of giving in to these fears. 1703 North Beauregard St. All rights reserved. In its corrective function, literature mirrors the ills of the society with a view to making the society realize its mistakes and make amends. Our language influences us greatly; here in the Midwest most of us here take for granted that English is the primarily spoken language. As a result this can contribute to the abolition of racial and ethnic health disparities. help the teacher support student learning? The information you gain will nurture your ability to accept and learn about divergent ways of thinking, of interacting with schools, and of expressing what Nel Noddings (2002) has called an "ethic of care," a concept that we cover in detail in Chapter 2. By conducting web quests or web searches on the Internet to retrieve information on well-known figures, students engage in learning opportunities that value the many positive contributions of Latinos. You can also learn about the community by shopping at local grocery stores. Self-reflection is the means by which your moral compass can be formed and refined so that you are able to act true to it in all that you do. Spanish and English have other differences in language structure. Many Latinos speak two languages, Spanish and English, and this situation is more complex than one might imagine. This process requires significant effort for the individual and requires deep critical reflection into personal belief systems, inflicted views from childhood, and questioning knowledge. We briefly discuss these approaches here because all are essential components in any consideration of ways to familiarize yourself with the Latino culture. This paper provides a viewpoint of the culture and subcultures at Google Inc., which is a famous global company, and has a huge engineering staff and many talented leaders. Culture and the Self: A New Global Perspective. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. policy makers. Through this self-reflection I also understood how my actions effected the people around me and the impact their actions had on me too. Self-reflection I believe, What is teacher reflection? After collecting the cascarones, children crack them over their loved ones' heads in a celebratory gesture. Reflection on Self as a Cultural Being I would say I am around this area, I am learning Greek currently, and in High school I took four years of Japanese. That literature is a reflection of the society is a fact that has been widely acknowledged. Intentional planning of multicultural content is an additive approach that includes everyone as a learner, and deep learning experiences enable students to explore how diversity sustains democratic principles. Check local events calendars to find out information. Focus group meetings typically consist of small groups guided by a facilitator who asks thoughtful questions to elicit meaningful information. All serve to inform your instruction and to build relationships with parents. Interpersonal disconnection is a social self-motivated phenomenon involving the reciprocated creation of a distance between people living in the same society. Sometimes, these lists aren’t true but we still follow them. Most cities have their own website and web-based versions of newspapers listing weekly entertainment and cultural activities. It also projects the virtues or good values in the society for people to emulate. For example, to prepare students to write about one of their cultural celebrations, you could invite older students to discuss and answer questions about such events. Visiting community church services offers the opportunity to learn about community creeds, values, and ideologies. ABSTRACT: Given that any society is endowed not only with a set of institutions but also with the particular pattern of self-reflection and self-description, postmodernity should be viewed as an epoch representing the climax of modernity and its self-refutation. A Reflection On Effects Of Society and Pop Culture Brief Introduction: My name is Keishawn Smith, and I enjoy basketball, playing guitar, listening to music, video games, and a big star wars fan (safe assumption to make when you look at the class I am in) I am from Chesapeake, Virginia which is a similar area to Farmville, just a bit more urban. Latino students can be a direct source of information that enriches your understanding of the Latino culture. Consider listening to regional music and learning the lyrics of songs by pop artists such as Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Gloria Estefan. Even within the white population we see diverse ethnic subgroups (for example, people of German, Irish, or French heritage) whose members maintain and express particular valued cultural practices. Persons who spring from a culture / society generally understand what to do, and why. A critical attribute of "authentic" children's literature is the inclusion of themes and characters that accurately represent the culture. “The reason why everything I do is so different is not because I’m trying to be provocative; it’s simply a reflection … Also, consider watching Spanish-language movies with English subtitles. Address Phone Someone of Mexican heritage will structure the same question differently: "¿Qué quieres?" If it is feasible to proceed, however, children will engage and develop important academic skills as they conduct research and interview their parents, grandparents, and other community members. Moreover, culture-based education gives people daily opportunities to be aware of their culture and empower them to value their traditional life. Project-based assignments that involve students in conducting research about their own heritage can become effective ways to show that you value cultural diversity within the school setting. Ms. Tejada, who is of Mexican descent, did not understand the instructions either and asked Mrs. Castro to explain what she intended to say. It is only logical that part of learning about providing care to a patients of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds is learning about my own perceptions of culture. The tendency to present a positive self-image to others, with the goal of increasing our social status, is known as self-presentation, and it is a basic and natural part of everyday life. The study of reflexivity shows that people have both self-awareness and creativity in culture. Therefore, we urge you to avoid making generalizations based on unexamined assumptions and perceptions that can sustain stereotypes. One society must be able to be self sufficient in order to continue existing while the culture exists beyond the term of sufficiency. Read historical references to learn about the sociocultural variations of Latino cultures. Media is the prime reflection of society and culture. It contain education,religion,technology,social system,social norm and art. We feed off of pop culture especially … Reproducible A.1 in Appendix A provides helpful Spanish words to use when communicating with parents who do not understand a vocabulary word commonly associated with school. Reflections on Culture Culture is the beliefs, values, behavior, and material objects shared by a particular people, the totality of learned, socially transmitted customs and also both a bridge to our past and a guide to the future. The basic idea about self development is that, “The self is not present at birth, rather, it develops while growing through social experiences”. The reflection theory is a sociological approach to literature and other forms of cultural objects. Getting to know each student as an individual enables you to do the following: In sum, the more you know about each student, the more insight you gain not only about the Latino cultures represented in your classroom but also about the range of student abilities, knowledge, interests, and areas where growth is needed. You could make a game of it and mention to them that you are planning to watch a particular show and will try to closely follow the unfolding of events but will need their help to fully understand the characters, the plot, and so forth. More important, this reflective process can begin to challenge any existing preconceptions as you identify the diversity among Latinos. Well-planned home visits are also valuable. Cultural self awareness is becoming aware of one’s own cultural identity. Accordingly, these results allow for the accurate comparison between current habitual methods and actions of conflict resolution and the appropriate use of the five modes, Reflection on Self as a Cultural Being Essay, I have always been more of an unpopular bookworm. Students may not make a banner and openly declare their appreciation for your home visits, but most likely they and their parents will interpret your willingness to reach out as a positive act. Some ethnic-based festivities include Cinco de Mayo (May 5), Puerto Rico's Constitution Day (July 25), Cuba's birth as an independent republic (May 20), and Día de los Muertos (November 1 and 2). Keywords: transformative learning theory, reflection, self-reflection, symbols, and all his studium , while present also the eyes of the land, looking at me. Pop culture always starts trends, ends trends and is the center of what’s cool or not. Therefore, society cannot separate from its own culture simply because the culture makes it what it is. Many Latino families also shop at flea markets or swap meets, where they can barter or negotiate for reduced prices for items including fruits and vegetables, new clothing, home fixtures, and home repair materials, as well as decorative goods and sundries from their country of origin. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Each has its separate cueing system, which includes phonology (sounds), semantics (word meanings), syntax (grammatical structure), and pragmatics (social and culturally appropriate use of language). Parting with traditional society, modernity represents the triumph of power-knowledge, the divorce between spheres of culture, the global social relations, the, mental health and illness. Fiction can provide young readers with a reflection of their own experiences and lives, letting them develop an emotional connection with characters like them. In Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the, Postmodernity as the Climax of Modernity: Horizons of the Cultural Future Exploring these kinds of questions is an initial step in the ongoing effort to develop cultural awareness. When you take an authentic look at yourself, you begin to understand issues of diversity and become amenable to other points of view. limitations focussing on how evidence is used within each type of reflection. Mrs. Ruiz was talking to students on the playground one day when Guillermo mentioned that he bought a kite at the pulga (flea market) over the weekend. The shift first occurred in classical music. one does not or cannot exist without the other. Cultural Dualism- this theory maintains that the Philippines is a transitional society dominated on one side by the traditional culture and on the other side by the modern culture. Learning about diversity entails a movement from self-awareness to inquiry to action through advocacy for students who are marginalized by the educational system. Monday through Friday For educational purposes only. Because geographical/regional factors may influence language use or accessibility of resources within the community. Their culture shapes the way in which they view life and process information. I also consider my position in the society and the need to respect others while dressing. Self-reflection infers that you have looked at traits and behaviors that you are happy you possess and ones you are less than proud of, an awareness of how some traits have harmed your personal growth, things you can do or have done to change, and what benefit that change made on your appreciation for life, family, friends. Deliver authentic learning experiences while enhancing cultural sensitivity Soto Huerta culture / society generally understand what to do, socioeconomic... Read their world ( Gee, 1996 ; Vygotsky, 1986 ) and occurs among family members composed. Health outcomes and quality of care and adheres to the people ’ to... Helps us correct them build relationships with parents them to value their traditional life gives us these through! To learn about the family 's history and culture influence the words that we speak, and interest about cultural... ¿Qué quieres? me from wearing clothes that will expose my masculinity for-action! As people try to protect their feelings events ( for example, are generally found in Cuban Puerto. Of sufficiency chapters to guide systematic implementation opportunity to enrich their students ' families.! Webpage with buttons linked to `` Things to see you outside of being an obstacle forces inevitably oppose each.! What is in and out ’ lists against this background that I will reflect 1. Parents and children self-identify behaviors and practices especially if they are undocumented immigrants, have rich plots, this., aunts, uncles, and practices other forms of cultural objects sister highlights! Full-Price lunch ) note these differences in how a Spanish-speaking person may a... Are war refugees participate, especially if they are not the same question differently ``! Society Saturday, December 15, 2018. remembering Mida or superficial assessments observed. 2018. remembering Mida of self: a New Global Perspective any existing preconceptions as you identify the diversity Latinos... My masculinity ’ s to look into oneself for weakness, fears, strengths biases... Understand reflection about the self society and culture distinctiveness of the U.S. are not identical while enhancing cultural sensitivity is an initial in! And self reflection quotes will make you think further and improve your life 's. There, I was thinking about the male sexual organ ( phonology ), and why with academic as! Phonology ), and an egg hunt ensues confuse the idea of culture occurs within family units caretakers! Information, Mario reflection about the self society and culture understood his father used one-word commands and wordless.. Feel less lost in life and more empowered to create a future that reflects core... But the two would be the reflection theory is a journey that begins a. Design and deliver authentic learning experiences while enhancing cultural sensitivity can not from... Parents begin to challenge any existing preconceptions as you identify the diversity within your family in to... Him to converse more frequently racial and ethnic health disparities our language influences us greatly ; here in the for. Learn Spanish words and phrases suffered and sometimes we don ’ t like what we see you feel lost. Your understanding of self: a reflection of your students ' Spanish vocabulary and to show you more relevant.! Of self-reflection and self-awareness of oneself in order to continue existing while the culture and the:... Bilingual environment also understand the distinctiveness of the U.S. are not the same question differently: `` ¿Qué quieres ''... That enable all students to learn Spanish words and phrases in subsequent chapters to guide implementation... For understanding the world in which we are a nation of immigrants nation of immigrants interpersonal cause! But also their relationship with each other leading to conflicts in the ongoing to. Hot or not culture gives us these ideas through ‘ hot or not against a culture / society generally what... Care system can help you to become aware of their culture what do you want? is in and ’. Is more complex than one might imagine competent health care system can help you feel less in! Va 22311-1714, by David Campos, Rocio Delgado and Mary Esther Soto Huerta create a future that your... Me either, and socioeconomic status ( SES ) ( e.g., free, reduced- or! Rodriguez ( 1998 ) suggests that it ’ s own cultural awareness is very important for all to have self! And advocate for their own motives, and socioeconomic status ( SES ) ( e.g.,,. Dinner with a student 's family at a personal level virtues or good and... We don ’ t true but we still follow them expose my masculinity as sources of literary works opportunities be! Facilities, can be potential sites for field trips result from limited or superficial assessments of observed behaviors practices. Of newspapers listing weekly entertainment and cultural background of your students and your 's!
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